About Me


My name is Dustin Rider. I am an Industrial Designer from Rochester NY.  I got my BFA in Industrial Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2023. I am currently employed as a designer at Think Design LLC. 

I took two years of Mechanical Engineering before transferring into the Industrial Design program. My switch to Industrial Design came when a friend showed me the ID floor at RIT and I instantly fell in love. The emphasis on practical products that consider human factors, aesthetics, function, etc. that I saw everywhere told me it was where I needed to be. 

I am an active person who enjoys camping, motorsports, and tinkering on anything with an engine. 

Because of my engineering background, I excel at CAD and modeling programs. I am also very proficient in working in shops and using all tools from hand tools to CNC machining. 

I can be contacted via email at Dustinrider483@gmail.com